Knowledge is Profit

Financial Literacy Summit

March 5-8, 2018

Sponsored by
North Carolina Mutual

Let's change your financial situation!

Are you up to you ears in credit card debt? Do you have a good job but don’t have any money left over after you pay your bills every month? Have you always wanted to invest your money in stocks or real estate, but don't where to get started? We think we figured out how we can help you out!

The Knowledge is Profit Summit is a 4 day virtual financial literacy event comprised of practical steps given by dynamic industry leaders and experts designed to equip attendees with tools to become more financial literate. This financial literacy summit will help you figure out how to:

1. Create and follow a realistic budget
2. Fix your credit report and raise your score
3. Start saving by thinking more in, less out
4. Purchase stocks in less than 30 days
5. Learn how to get life insurance and why
6. Learn how to start a profitable business to increase your monthly income

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