We are a mission-focused platform that uses technology, live events, digital media to provide financial literacy, entrepreneurship and investing based solutions for stimulating local Black economies and communities.

Our mission is to be an advocate for the promotion, growth, welfare & creation of African-American, HBCU student and alumni owned businesses, entrepreneurship & economics.
Our Why

Historically, economic improvement has permeated outwards from HBCUs and into their host communities. For that reason, we decided to start there. With our nation's HBCUs.

We wanted to create a mental paradigm shift amongst the HBCU community, alumni and stakeholders. No longer do we think it is simply OK to just get a degree and then a good job. At HBCU Wall Street we preach get a degree and then create opportunities for yourself and others. HBCUs are credited with creating the American black middle class. Reports state that HBCU’s have produced 40% of African-American members of Congress, 40% of engineers, 50% professors at PWIs, 50% lawyers, and 80% of judges. Imagine if there were a place that promoted to them the importance of financial literacy, investing and entrepreneurship. That's our why. To be that place.